Wednesday, February 26, 2014

How to find an Esthetician!

How to find and choose a great Esthetician

In this day and age of the internet online reviews are one of the top ways to find an Esthetician but sometimes the reviews can be misleading and sometimes you don't know if they are real reviews or slanted in one way or the other.  The Esthetician may have 5 star reviews but that doesn’t always mean that she or he is the right one for you.  There are also lots of facial deals and in my opinion some of those deals can be a true bargain and a great way to try different types of facials and facialists on your search to find “the one” but sometimes you are going to get a cookie cutter facial or a rushed job because you are not a full-paying client – I’m not saying this is right but it does happen.  It makes the best sense for your skin to find an esthetician you can feel comfortable with and stick with because they will know your skin. The following are some of my top tips for finding an esthetician you can glow with…

Do you have a coworker or friend or perhaps someone you have met who has gorgeous glowing skin? Chances are she or he might have an esthetician on their speed dial so don’t hesitate to ask what their secret is and you may just get an amazing referral.

Is there a skincare line you absolutely love?  If so,  check that companies website and see if they have a esthetician in your area who uses the products since many companies have a referral system in place with their customers.  You could also call the skincare company and ask them directly to recommend someone.  If you absolutely love a certain organic skincare line or a special alpha hydroxy based line it makes sense to find an esthetician who has a similar philosophy and recommends and uses some of your favorites in their skincare practice.

You can also contact estheticians and ask for a complimentary  consultation. When I had my skincare practice I offered free initial consults where I would have potential clients come in and perhaps bring their regimen in so I could see what their skincare routine was and I would examine their skin under the orb of truth aka my magnifying lamp. I would then offer suggestions and devise a plan of action based on what they wanted to achieve with their skin.  This was a great way to meet first and talk about their skincare goals and what services I had to offer and to see if I felt I could help them achieve their skincare goals. I also would give them samples to try, homework in the way of special teas to drink, vitamins to take and other lifestyle tips to support their skincare goals and then schedule a facial at that meeting.

Six questions to ask your potential esthetician:

What type of training have you had? (This is a good question to ask. Make sure your esthetician has attended classes and studied beyond the standard state issued license)

What’s your philosophy on skincare?

What type of products do you use during your facials?

What would you recommend for my skin and have you worked with my particular skin type or the issue I’m having?

What’s your specialty? (This is important because some estheticians specialize in Brazilian waxing or lash extensions which is great if that’s what you’re getting but I would recommend having an esthetician who is passionate about skincare and lists skincare as their number one specialty for getting maximum results from your facials!)



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